Heroin Skateboards Logo ‘Heritage’ 8.25″ Deck

Features :

  • 8.25″ inches wide.
  • Deck comes with FREE griptape supplied.
  • Single cold pressed design that outlasts other cheaper industry standard multi-hot pressed decks.
  • Made with 100% Canadian Maple throughout, the number one tried and tested skateboard hardwood.

About Heroin Skateboards:

Heroin Skateboards was founded in England in 1998 by skateboarder and artist Mark “Fos” Foster. As the years passed, Heroin created a loyal customer base through Fos’ unique artwork, marketing and band of delinquent team riders. Then in 2011, Heroin was welcomed into Baker Boys Distribution in an effort to further grow the brand and create a stronger presence within the United States. Fos grew up in Lancashire, Northern England. He started Skateboarding when he was 14 and went to various art colleges in Lancashire after he finished school. He ended up going to Goldsmiths College in South London when he was 20 and completed a BA in Design Studies. After college he immersed himself in the world of Skateboarding. He worked as a sales director at Slam City Skates in London. Whilst there he started his own brand, Heroin Skateboards. He has done artwork for companies including Toy Machine, Real, Foundation, Zero, Black Label, Creature, Baker and Deathwish. In 2003 he left Slam City and started Landscape Skateboards, in 2006 he helped to start and became the art director of Altamont Apparel.

About Fos:

Fos impact on skateboarding is something that isn’t easily summarised. From the board design that features his own illustrations, to his video releases like Video Nasty and the more recent Bath Salts, Heroin has built upon skateboarding’s ever present conjunction with the art world. Heroin, with Fos at the helm, has pioneered one of the UK’s, and skating world’s best known, and best designed brands by combining a raw love of skating with an equally powerful love of art and design. In a way, rather than being inspired by anyone it was a reaction against what was popular in the UK at the time, Heroin has really been a platform for me to show my artwork and to select riders that think a bit outside the box. It really is my vision.

Since the age of four, Fos has sketched on anything that i