Landscape ‘Barrett Pro’ 8.5″ Deck

Features :

Deck comes with FREE griptape supplied.

Single cold pressed design that outlasts other cheaper industry standard multi-hot pressed decks.

Made with 100% Canadian Maple throughout, the number one tried and tested skateboard hardwood.

About Landscape Skateboards

London-based Landscape is now in its second decade as one of the leading lights of the British skate scene, producing some of the best products around with a focus on style, quality and attention to detail. As well as its popular range of decks, including Southbank and Battersea models in the ‘Landmarks’ series and one-off signature models, there are also Landscape-branded 51, 53, and 55mm OG wheels and high performance Landspeed bearings.

Landscape was founded in 2003 by Mark ‘Fos’ Foster, and many of the company’s original teamriders, including Lancastrian Daniel ‘Snowy’ Kinloch, featured in the classic British film of that year, Chris Massey’s Portraits. Snowy is now in charge at Landscape, and, to celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary, he put together an all-new collection of apparel, designed and made in the UK.

The current Landscape line-up features Kinloch, plus Joey Pressey, Pusherman star Joe Gavin, Ash Hall, Jin Shimizu, Nick Stansfield, Tyrone O’Hanrahan, and new recruit 17-year-old Matlok Bennett-Jones from Sheffield. Previous Landscape riders include Olly Todd, Toby Shuall, Joel Curtis, Rory Milanes and Soy Panday.

2009 bought the release of the second Landscape film, Horizons by Alan Glass, featuring Curtis, Panday, Pressey, Milanes, Shimizu and Stansfield, a killer closing part from Snowy, and a predominantly British soundtrack including the Rolling Stones, the Charlatans and the Happy Mondays. In 2013, Landscape released a series of web parts and short clips, including an amazing new street edit featuring Gavin filmed and edited by Sean Lomax, and another full-length video is surely not far away.