Passport Skateboards ‘Flower’ 8.25″ Deck

Features :

  • 8.25″ inches wide.
  • Deck comes with FREE griptape supplied.
  • Single cold pressed design that outlasts other cheaper industry standard multi-hot pressed decks.
  • Made with 100% Canadian Maple throughout, the number one tried and tested skateboard hardwood.

About Passport Skateboards (Stolen from Kingpin Mag):

After a whirlwind trip across America that confirmed the gaping lack of progressive skateboard brands in his home country, Aussie Trent Evans launched what he felt was something new and unique in 2008, and he called it Pass~Port. Since then, with its own distinctive direction and ideals, the brand has worked closely with like-minded friends and artists, drawing inspiration from travel, Australian heritage and various collaborative efforts.

The Pass~Port team primarily consists of a tight-knit group of skateboarders from New Zealand and the west and east coasts of Australia, such as Callum Paul, Josh Pall and Juan Onekawa. However, the squad is growing, with recent additions from the USA and UK, such as New York’s Billy McFeely and London’s Paddy Jones. Long-time nearlyman Aussie Geoff Campbell joined the squad in 2012 with a welcome edit which also featured Paul, Glenn Wignall, Willy Brown and Bernie Foo.

Featuring in the current Pass~Port collection are the ‘Life In Bars’, ‘Joe’s Gang Cards’, ‘Portals’ and ‘Friendly Message’ ranges of decks, plus T-shirts, caps and patches. As well as being available in Australia and New Zealand, the brand is now being distributed in the United States by Permanent, which also distributes skate brands such as Broadcast wheels, Evisen, Modus bearings and Quintin Co.

The company’s video releases include 2011’s short Whole of Community, featuring Onekawa, Brown, Paul, Wignall, Foo, Glenn Palmer and Phil Parker. In 2013 came Baguette #1 and Baguette #2, phone edit footage of the Pass~Port team in various locations around Europe.