Strangelove Skateboards Jed Walters Guest Model 8.875″ Deck

Features :

  • Width: 8.25″. Length: 32″. Wheel base: 14.25″.
  • Art by Sean Cliver and Todd Bratrud.
  • Manufactured at PS Stix.
  • Screen printed at Screaming Squeegees.

About Strangelove Skateboards

In 1976, Led Zeppelin released The Song Remains the Samea film and subsequent album that comprised three hot shit nights of performances at Madison Square Garden. That was during the hey-day of hard arena rock and ultimately bears no semblance to anything you’re about to read here today… aside from the title, that is, because despite a new name, snappy logo, and fresh coat of paint, our song will in fact remain the same—dazed and confused though it may always seem at times.

Why StrangeLove, the name, in particular? Well, it’s basically the culmination of everything that’s influenced us up to this point on our respective human timelines: the movies, the cartoons, th