Boardies ‘Fos Eyes’ Shorts – Purple

For Spring/Summer 19 Boardies have collaborated with one of their favourite graphic artists, Heroin Skateboard’s very own Fos. Known for his b-movie/slasher inspired illustrations, Fos has applied his all-over monster eye print to our mid-length shorts. Made from our supersoft, quick drying lightweight material.

About Fos:

Fos’ impact on skateboarding is something that isn’t easily summarised. From the board design that features his own illustrations, to his video releases like Video Nasty and the more recent Bath Salts, Heroin has built upon skateboarding’s ever present conjunction with the art world. Heroin, with Fos at the helm, has pioneered one of the UK’s, and skating world’s best known, and best designed brands by combining a raw love of skating with an equally powerful love of art and design. “In a way, rather than being inspired by anyone it was a reaction against what was popular in the UK at the time, Heroin has really been a platform for me to show my artwork and to select riders that think a bit outside the box. It really is my vision.”

Since the age of four, Fos has sketched on anything that isn’t nailed down, before eventually moving from Lancashire to London to study design, “I went to Goldsmiths from 93-97 and lived [in Lewisham] when the area was still totally ghetto – before all the jazzy coffee shops”. Post-degree, he became associated with other skaters in the UK’s capital, before making contact with Andrew Reynolds, and his Altamont Apparel Company, and jetting off to LA. I moved over with Altamont – they got me a work visa – the Heroin distribution was coincidentally starting at the same time as that. I moved on 11/11/11”. Before long, Heroin became the staple of any skate shop, both on here and in America.